Psalm 103:17 – Held in His love

We are a tactile fellowship at GBC, compulsive huggers, sharing good news, sympathy and expressing joy at meeting up. So it is ironic that in these stressful times we must keep apart for safety’s sake. But God is not at a distance.  Psalm 103:17 says,

“From everlasting to everlasting, the Lord’s love is with those who fear him.”

His love completely surrounds us, never leaves us comfortless and is all sufficient. Amy Carmichael’s lovely poem describes a transforming experience from despair to serenity.

Love, travelling in the greatness of His strength,

Found me alone,

Footsore and tired by the journey’s length

Though I had known

All the long way, many a kindly air,

And flowers had blossomed for me everywhere.

And yet, Love found me needing Him. He stayed;

Love stayed by me.

‘Let not your heart be troubled or dismayed,

My child,’ said He.

Slipped from the then all troubles, all alarms

For Love had gathered me into His arms.

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