This page offers help in the operation of the website.  It is primarily intended for members and admins.

I need to access the members directory and can't

If you are a Girton Baptist Church member,   fill in the registration form when you try and access the directory.   This will send an email to the website administrators.   It might take them a day or two to respond to this and send you an email confirming access.   You can then log-in and view the members directory.

If you are not a Girton Baptist Church member,  you are not eligible to view this information.

Do I need an admin login?

The admin login is for those who are preparing content for the site.   This includes new news and reflections articles,  editing existing pages,  updating the members' list.

This site links to external content for the diary (Google calendar) and members' meeting minutes (dropbox).   If you need to change that content,  you will need access to these accounts.   Contact the church secretary for details.


If you have ideas for additional help,   please add them here,  or email them to Adrian.

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