The Church Roll at the formation of the church 12th February 1913

Mr. & Mrs. F. Cole

Miss F.J. Whybrow (treasurer)

Miss M.E. Whybrow

Mr. R. Riches

Mr. & Mrs. H. Foster

Mr. & Mrs. W. Pettit

Mrs. H. Kidman (chapel keeper)

Mr. H. Bradfield

Miss K. Bradfield

Mr. H. Prior

Mrs. E. Watson

Mrs. Ann Cole

Mrs. F Kidman junior

Mrs. S. Sewell of Bourne

Mrs. A. W. Smith of Histon

Mr. G.E. Canham (secretary)

The Church Officers elected at the A.G.M. on 10th January 1928

Treasurer - Mr. F. Cole    Secretary -  Mr. W. Pettit
Deacons -  Mr. H. Foster, Mr. C. Foster, Mr. H. Bradfield, Mr. F. Whitehead, Mrs. W. Pettit

Executive representative of CVPA - Mr. W. Pettit
Representatives on General committee of CVPA - Mr. F. Cole & Mr. C. Foster